Season 5 Episode 8 - Kate Davenport, Eureka Recycling

PlastChicks Lynzie Nebel and Mercedes Landazuri host Kate Davenport, Co-President of Eureka Recycling, a nonprofit zero waste organization and social enterprise recycler based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They discuss the economics and opportunities in providing recycling services, including finding sustainable markets that are interested in purchasing recycled materials, considering processes to move responsibility from the municipality to the producer, the difficulty of aggregating materials into one stream, competing with virgin plastics, the volatility of recycling materials pricing, and the challenges and costs of pulling plastic bags and flexible packaging out of the recycling stream.

Terminology Note: MRF (pronounced "murf") is a materials recovery facility, materials reclamation facility, materials recycling facility or multi re-use facility, which is a specialized plant that receives, separates and prepares recyclable materials for marketing to end-user manufacturers (Wikipedia).

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Season 5 Episode 8 - Kate Davenport, Eureka Recycling
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